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We all see a constant need for better performance, better power and better durability in the world of auto sports. Xtreme Performance Heat Coatings was established to help fill that need by providing the technical industrial methods of ceramic coating applications to the automotive aftermarket.

If you care about performance, ceramic coatings are the new answer to that age old challenge! We can coat almost any part for improved performance. Both external and internal parts and surfaces can benefit. You’ll achieve differences in air and fluid flow dynamics, better heat dispersion unmatched by non-ceramic parts, protection from corrosion and weathering, and all with the eye appealing beauty of custom colors to match your desire.

Our products exceed industry standards for quality and performance. All are developed by the factory under lab and track environments and are specifically tested and engineered for the performance vehicle.

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Xtreme Performance Heat Coatings
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515 N. Elevar Street, Oxnard, CA 93030

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The Polishing Shop